Additive Medical is a privately held medical device design and development company that is focused on identifying and exploring unmet medical needs associated with disease states that are under-served or in need of a radical re-think. Additive Medical works directly with patients, providers and payers to identify insights and develop value drivers that may potentially lead to game changing medical device and diagnostic solutions. We have a disciplined process for sifting through these insights and value drivers to locate the seeds that will form the foundation of a compelling value proposition and a profitable business model. With these fundamentals in hand, Additive Medical then leverages our extensive expertise in biomaterials, with the powerful potential of additive manufacturing technologies to rapidly design, develop and validate fit-for-purpose technology concepts.

Additive Medical is currently working to improve outcomes and expand treatment options for peritoneal dialysis patients, is exploring early and accurate diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis, and is partnering with hand surgery experts to change the standard of care in arthroplasty procedures.

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