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Additive Medical Technologies, LLC is a privately held early stage medical device and diagnostics company that is resourced to evaluate and manage a finite number of medical device and diagnostics opportunities. Our opportunity evaluation process does not begin with technology solutions - it begins with the creation of business and financial models based on a number of critical criteria including but not limited to (1) clarity and importance of unmet need, (2) market size, (3) procedure volume, (4) reimbursement path, (5) regulatory risk, (6) revenue potential and (7) strategic fit. If you wish to discuss a technical solution or a protected invention, you must do so with the full understanding that we are an "opportunity pull" rather than a "technology push" company. We will only begin a technology assessment if there is a demonstrable fit with the aforementioned screening criteria.

You must not disclose to Additive Medical Technologies, LLC any unprotected intellectual property without first signing a 2-way confidentiality agreement. By disclosing your intellectual property to us prior to securing adequate protections, you fully understand that you risk forfeiting your intellectual property rights. A 2-way confidentiality agreement helps to protect both our intellectual property as well as your intellectual property, allowing for confidential disclosure without risk of forfeiting the intellectual property rights of either party. Additive Medical Technologies, LLC has a comprehensive 2-way confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement that we will provide upon request and insist upon using prior to any confidential discussions.

When engaging with Additive Medical Technologies, LLC you fully understand that we prioritize our relationship development with potential partners that closely match our current practice areas, disease state interests, resources and business interests. We typically spend between 3 and 6 months to develop a business model and use a stage gate process to either move into development or quickly terminate additional investment of time and resources. You fully understand that these practice areas, interests and resources can change on a 3 to 6 month frequency and you fully understand that Additive Medical Technologies, LLC may terminate any engagement at will.

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